"Recently I received a Reiki treatment from Lori and am compelled to share my experience.  Lori is a gently healing presence; all around her there is a soft inviting glow.  I felt a strong sense of safety with her which allowed me to go deep into the experience.  The Reiki session was relaxing and rejuvenating...I went to a very deep place of relaxation and rest, a meditative state where I was concurrently awake and aware yet extremely peaceful.  Feeling like I was laying on a riverbed with the water gently flowing over me.  I highly recommen Lori's work and would gladlt be a reference anytime." -Kenny K., Sound Healer, Arlington, TX


"I'm new to the Reiki community, but I'm so excited to learn more.  I started coming to see Lori for treatments in June of 2014.  I was interested in learning more about what Reiki is and what it can do for you.  Lori's ability to make me feel immediately at ease and ready to receieve positive energy was unexpected.  I was expecting to feel nervous, even skeptical, but she's an incredible listener and was sensitive to my needs, fears, and goals.  I felt so comfortable after my first session that I didn't want to leave!  She genuinely wants to help you and help you learn to help yourself.  I think she's an amazing individual and I would highly recommend her to my friends and family." -Liz R. Richardson, TX 


"However much time I spend with Lori, twice as much time is spent investing in all of the new insights discovered.  My experiences include personal growth and gradual spiritual awakening with Reiki.  Lori understands that messages can arrive in varying capactiy.  I've been in sessions where something comes up and immediately I've denied it; only to have that very same thing happen to me, or recall that it's true.  Lori has deep compassion and understanding, no judgment.  Her complete acceptance and empathy inspires me to be a better person.  Lor actively listens to be and is able to deftly guide my innermost thoughts to the right solution.  Her presence at once is peaceful and yet energizing.  Although I have a great deal of learning and personal growth to coninue with, I truly rely on her guidance.  I always like how Lori teaches to look beyond the horizon, so to speak.  To look outside of one's own self, past insecurities, in order to realize the universe's goal.  Growth and change are incredibly uncomfortable and life's transitions can be very intimidating. My fear of the unknown (ultimately my need to control) often prohibits decision making in my life.  I've completed Reiki I and II under her tutelage.  If the universe allows, I'd like to ascend to Reiki III.  I've been able to guide my friends to Lori for Reiki and they are all shocked at how quickly their lives have changed...Reiki is an incredibly wonderful part of my life. I teach yoga and use Reiki energy to channel love, light, and kindness to everyone during practice." -Karen C., yoga instructor, Fort Worth, TX